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fancy a third nostril?

Need convincing? Look no further.

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undecided voter?

We'll tell you who to vote for in the next General Election.

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we own the isle of wight.

What exactly are we gonna do with it?

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chicken scissors?

What the hell are those? Pull up a pew and we'll tell you...

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we made a new musical instrument.

And we played a tune, just for you lot.

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D&AD Newblood academy 22'.

Our ideas for adidas to encourage girls aged 14-18 into sports in targeted locations around the world. 

Jezebel's Group: Find your calling


We are facing a drastic problem in our society today as girls in London aged 14-19 are dropping out of sports, over fears of being judged, lack of confidence and because once they hit 14 they feel there is no place for girls who just want to have fun playing sport.



From researching we found that as humans we have a natural desire to solve curiosity and young girls are the most curious of them all. As they love to have secrets, they love to gossip, pass notes around the classroom and send snapchats to each other. So using these insights, we created our campaign, which is ...


Solution: Find your calling 'Pledge your curiosity' 

Our campaign is a call to action which allows girls to work out for themselves how to join the ‘find your calling’ community. By tapping into behavioral psychology we want girls to be enticed into sport on their own, by their own curiosity. Because we all know if you tell a teenage girl something is cool, they are immediately going to think the opposite. This notion of a ‘calling’ will help facilitate the theory that the more you work for something, the more you will value it.

Find your calling is an online community, especially targeted towards the girls around 14-16 who are at the age where you either drop out of sport or it become highly competitive. This will allow girls to feel a sense of belonging, have an online space where they can support each other and most importantly gain exclusive access to free adidas sporting clubs all over London.


Group Credits to: Yosef Phelan, Jaymie Donovan, Gabrielle Mota Da Silva, Jacelyn Yap.

Ellis's Group: Raise the bar

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