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Rome in the height of summer can be a sweaty place.
it's even sweatier if you have to squeeze into a race suit.

at the
Rome e-prix in July 2023, We wanted to give Nissan's formula e race drivers a sweet treat to cool down in the heat.

Inspired by the livery design on the Team's race cars, we created 
cherry blossom gelato.
And where better to make it than at the oldest Gelateria in Rome: Gelateria Fassi.
Andrea Fassi, the great-grandson of the original founder,
gave the drivers a crash course in gelato making.

our drivers then headed back to the race track to hand out samples -
making us super popular and the other teams super jealous.

Oh, and we gave them an old school gelato cart.
because we wanted them to look cute while doing it.

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